After the situation started and I started learning more and more about the divorce process, it was frustrating how hard it is to get OUT of a marriage than it is to get INTO a marraige. And, I said I will probably not get married again – unless I want kids (which, at this point, I still don’t know if I want). But, as I was looking through a friend’s recent wedding pictures (also beachside – not Hawaii, like ours, but very similar scenes, and very beautiful, to say the least), part of me was sort of sad and nostaligic because when I got married, I DID think it was forever, and it WAS so beautiful, so that was a little hard for me.

But then I just saw the happiness and the love and I realized that maybe one day I WILL want to get married again…I guess I will leave it as “never say never” because I could very well meat the person I was MEANT to be with and will have the happiness I deserve and crave in a relationship. I hope it’s true, and I remain hopeful overall, but it just struck me today that maybe I will marry again one day. Who knows. Life’s an open book, right?