Happy quote Friday everyone! This week, I started off feeling down, a bit lonely, and sort of sad overall, and today, I am feeling in better spirits and excited for a fun weekend. I really love this quote and thought it was perfect for today, given my up and down week:

“You can’t give up, can’t get discouraged. No matter how bad it looks, you’ve just got to keep on believing.”

Belief is such an intangible thing, that sometimes it is VERY hard to believe. Belief in oneself, belief in God, belief in hope, belief in the future, belief that there IS a special someone out there for me, belief that it WILL get better. All very hard things to believe in, if you ask me. Yet, I have to keep believing, because if I don’t, I’ll fail and I’ll just let all of the discouragement and the situation get the best of me, and then what do I accomplish? Absolutely nothing. So, I am going to try to do my best to BELIEVE – in everything.

Special side note – today is one of my sister’s five-year wedding anniversary – they’re in Punta Cana celebrating (lucky!! I need a vacation, but I digress…) and they deserve it. Even though all of this, I have seen first-hand their relationship get stronger and stronger (and they were a strong couple to begin with!) and it gives me hope and BELIEF that it can work, especially with the right person. As a matter of fact, both of my sisters have shown that to me – they both have strong marriages and have had their share of hurdles and things to deal with, and I give them credit for working through them and remaining strong. Okay that was a long digression for today’s post, but it was worth sharing πŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone.