As I mentioned in last week’s CSB post, I am taking a step back and not putting so much pressure on myself to “make a move.” This week’s class – while good – was a little odd. CSB was a little all over the place before class, a little chatty, but then he’d walk away, then he’d come back, and he just seemed sort of nervous or something. It was strange. But he helped with my spin shoes again (oooh so nice LOL) and we talked about running (I dropped in that I’m running another 5K at the end of the month and he should join…but that was when he was sort of in that weird mood, and he said he needs to “do something” because he’s gearing up to do a triathlon – which, PS, is also hot!). He also added one of my favorite songs – finally – into the music he plays ahead of class (Boom Boom Pow). which was sweet.

So, class was good, but sort of uneventful and instead of getting myself all in a tizzy and angst-ridden, I think I am going to just let it ride, still flirt and all (of course!) but just see what happens. I’m trying to “be ok” with being single anyway, so I need to enjoy that part too, and if it happens with CSB (I hope!), then that would be fantastic but I’m not going to get myself so pent up with angst that it affects my mood. Let’s see how long this lasts 😉

PS – good sign? Horoscope today: “you may be saying more than you realize – body language, facial expressions and more are giving away the game. There’s good news – you should get positive responses to all the messages.” Let’s hope so!