I was sort of worried this weekend would be a downer, partially because I’m very used to hanging with one of my sisters and my brother-in-law (they live 5 mins away – and they’re good at keeping my spirits up when I’m down) but as they’re in Punta Cana, I knew I had to a) be social and b) get out of my comfort zone.

So I did – I hung with a few different groups of friends both Friday and Saturday, and it was a blast! I’m starting to embrace being alone and doing things on my own. Sounds easy to do, right? For me, it hasn’t always been, because I have always been part of a couple, or done things in groups with friends or my sisters etc. So, it’s sort of a new thing for me and I’m adjusting and learning that it’s um, really not *that* bad.

Today, I laid low (allergies be damned…) and sat outside in the sun with a good book and silence. And it was fantastic. There’s something huge to be said for just sitting, relaxing and letting any stresses or angst melt away. It’s a feeling I’m going to try like hell to keep me going during rough days at work, or rough days mentally, because it feels good and “zen-like” almost.

…okay, that’s my somewhat ethereal post for today. Blame it on the zen 😉