As you know, I’m a HUGE champion of positive, well-meaning divorce blogs and part of my reason for starting my own blog (beyond chronicalling my own journey) was to put something out there that IS positive and does show others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we aren’t all bitter, man/woman-haters, who consider divorce the worst form of punishment!

So, one of the blogs I follow (check out my blogroll, I have a few goodies in there, interspersed with some fun ones, and a few of my friends’ blogs – unrelated to divorce) is “The Diary of a Divorced Guy” which is an offshoot of another blog I absolutely LOVE (Diary of a Soon-to-be-Ex-Boyfriend). He’s been foraying into the world of online dating – which I applaud (even though I met my soon-to-be-ex online as well – you’d think I’d shun it – but no, remember, I am all about positivity and there is nothing wrong with meeting a mate online IMHO), and he wrote about a girl he’s dating, and had a great sentiment I thought was worth sharing:

Yup, I met someone. We seem to click pretty well. There is nothing but constant laughter, and, well, I think she is pretty damn hot. We have been out twice so far, with date number three happening tomorrow. And truth be told, I really couldn’t be more optimistic than I am right now, and I am not talking about optimistic as far as a relationship.

I am talking about optimistic as far as everything. Listen, if after a few more dates, while we are in the still getting to know each other phase, things do not work out, that is ok. It won’t break me. I will just move on to something else. If work becomes more than I can handle, I will ask my team to help me out. I will adapt, I will improvise, I will roll with the punches.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

It really is just that simple – it’s about optimism and perspective – we’ve been through WORSE – what’s wrong with going out a few times with someone hot and then finding out it doesn’t work out? That’s okay! You had some laughs, you had some fun, and you got out there. Nothing wrong with a little practice – they say practice makes perfect, right?! I hope I can be this positive when I do actually start dating, because I don’t want to fall into the trap of overanalyzing, stressing out and wondering if this person is “it” or just a casual date or three. So, please – if I start doing that – someone slap me, okay? 🙂