So, most of Pete’s mail still comes to the house, and he got a certified letter in the mail. I let him know, and he came by to pick up the form so he could go to the post office. He gives me a call at work and tells me who the letter is from. His birth mother. A woman he hasn’t spoken to in probably 24-25 years. No idea how she even got our address. But that wasn’t the kicker…the kicker? It was a wedding card. She had just found out that we were married and sent us a congratulatory card…oh, almost three years – and pending divorce – too late.

He read me part of the letter – and cried. And I cried. For me, it wasn’t because I wanted him back or wanted to still be happily married to him, it was her words. They were so kind and so true – about love, and marriage and finding that special someone to share you life with – and the fact that I don’t have that is what got me, and, Pete’s reaction sort of got me too. I think he was more emotional over hearing from his mother than anything, but I think the wedding card also hit him in the face in terms of the reality of it. We WERE happily married. And now? We’re not.

I feel better now, and am not reeling from the sense of sad irony, but the fact that I am, indeed, getting divorced, never felt more real than today for some reason. But I’m also glad Pete shared that with me, when he got it, so we could share in the experience together. We are still part of each other’s lives – in a healthy way – and that showed today.