Not like you didn’t know I was going to say in my weekly post – at some point within – that he’s hot 😉 But it’s true, so I must keep saying it! Being angst-free has really helped me be more chatty and flirty I think. Class was good today, CSB was attentive, and a bit flirty too (he gave he a little playful shoulder jab on the way out – be still my heart – LOL!). The fact that he is attentive despite two of his friends attending class today – right in front of me, no less – says something. I hope he’s interested, and I hope it’s clear that I am, but we’ll see what happens. I still want to make a move if he doesn’t, but I also think there is something to be said for sitting back and seeing what happens.

Oh, and how cute is this? As you know, he has two cats (LOVE that he has cats since I’m such a cat person, with two myself)…sisters, got them as kittens a year ago (just like me, except I got mine 6 years ago this fall). I just think that is so cute.

Short post today – off to host not one, but two fab cookouts this weekend, and looking forward to every minute of it!!

UPDATE: Today’s (Sunday) spin class was a bit of a leap forward, I think. After class, we talked, alone, for a good 15 minutes…it was fantastic. We talked about a few spin-related things, and then our jobs, and commutes, and somehow got on the topic of my selling my house. And, it was my moment to throw in that I’m selling my house because I got divorced and can’t afford it any longer (using the past tense of “divorced” to hopefully spin it as LEAST baggage-ish as possible – if that’s even possible). CSB didn’t really flinch at the divorce reference – not like “oh, I’m sorry to hear that” or “oh!” as in oh wow, divorce, really? Just nodded, and didn’t react either way…so, I’m letting that sit this week, see what happens from here, but hey, at least he knows I’m fully single, and I think we connected a bit more…we’ll see!