Funny, when this movie came out in 2003, I didn’t watch it or even think much about seeing it on DVD…but I came across it today with some of my favorites (it was a lovely girlie afternoon, I must say!) and got drawn in! If you haven’t seen it, you can read about it here, but it’s basically about a recently divorced woman who buys a Tuscan villa and finds herself (first of all, who wouldn’t want to buy a Tuscan villa on a whim! Oh so fun). It wasn’t overly cheesy or played out or too stereotypical regarding the recently divorced woman, which was good, but what got me was the ending. It wasn’t all about how she finds a man and lives happily ever after…it was about her touching others’ lives and rejoicing in their good fortunes. I liked the twist (and sure, she did meet someone during the last 5 minutes that perhaps she falls for…though maybe that’s for a sequal!) and it made it more real.

I can relate to that, because for me, it isn’t ONLY about finding love again…it’s about taking what I am learning about myself and applying it, not only for me, but for those around me that maybe could use a little perspective. So I hope I can do that for others – either in this situation, or in a situation that tries them emotionally, because I think what I am going through can apply to anyone – the learnings and the realization that life does go on, and we should embrace it as much as possible, not dwell on sadness and angst. Cheers to that!