I am constantly struck by those around me that seem to have such a difficult finding happiness. I’m not talking about being elated at life at every waking moment, but honestly, going through this situation, I realize that it’s the little things we need to find happiness in, whether it’s a Starbucks venti coffee or a cuddle from one of my cats, I try to find little things that can lift my spirits when the big things seem overwhelming.

I just don’t see any sense in trudging through life constantly unhappy…what’s the point? So I can look back and realize I took life for granted and never realized life wasn’t as bad as I thought it was? Who wins then?! Nobody. This is my rant post o the week…I just don’t understand it.

To hammer this home just a bit more – check this out:

Do you live each day as if it’s your last? Or do you go about just dreaming about what you could have done, or what you are going to do in the next, say, 10 years?

Life was meant to be lived day by day. What happened in the past, or what might happen in the future is really irrelevant. What really matters is what is happening now. When we focus too much about what happened a few years ago or what we think will happen in a few years from now, is like living in a world that does not exist.

What past is past. Tomorrow will basically take care of itself. It is true that what we do today will determine how tomorrow will turn out. But that is the point, live today to make tomorrow even better. But then again, tomorrow may never come. Today is all you have. Make this day the best day of your life.

Jesus Christ tells us:

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34 All we need to think about is what is happening today. Worrying about the future makes no sense. It probably won’t change anything anyway. We just need to deal with what is happening right now, at this moment.

Nuf said.