Soooo, dog wasn’t at spin today, but cougar dog was! Let me introduce her, shal I? She is dog’s friend and usually sits on the other side of dog during class. She’s blonde, leather-skin-tanned and um, REALLY annoying. She loves the center of attention and makes these grunts and moans that sound more like um, the big “O” if you catch my drift than actual sweat and work. Super annoying.

Well, she sat in dog’s usual bike, next to me, and was totally monopolizing the convo with CSB, or trying to. So, I didn’t get a lot of talking in with him today, because he kept walking away…he seemed sort of peeved by cougar dog (may I add – she’s cougar dog because she thinks she’s all that, but she’s totally not!!). He did play my “boom boom pow” and the song by Stardust that I love, and gave me the eye when he played both ahead of class, since he knows I love those two songs. Makes me want to melt (hey, it doesn’t take much these days! LOL!). I mentioned I’m running a 5K next week and wasn’t sure I was ready for another, and he said, you’re ready, I know you are…nice motivation, and super cute!

And, I finally found a few pics of CSB on my gym’s Facebook page (unfortunately he’s not on Facebook, that I can tel anyway) and showed it to a few of my friends – who all totally thought he was hot…I got a kick out of that! So, that’s it in a nutshell today, folks, hopefully some more chatter and flirting tomorrow 😉 Wish me luck!

UPDATE! It’s Sunday and it was a successful class with CSB. Not only did I find a way to get his last name and confirm he’s on Facebook, I think there was genuine flirting today…and some more looks during class (sultry as my sister says – LOL)…and before the cooldown track, he asked me to bump down the music so it wasn’t so loud. Cute…at least for me 😉 I call that a big rock for the week!