…is harder than it looks. I am a very habitual person so for me to branch out and do something new once, is very difficult, but to do something new all the time, is downright a challenge. I was thinking back to all of the “firsts” I’ve had since “the situation” and have a pretty impressive (and fun) list going, and I’m proud of that. It’s not easy, I won’t claim that it is, but I’m glad I am continuing to challenge myself, because it’s making me stronger and getting me out there more than in the past.

My “doing something new” this week? Taking a long weekend by myself. No, I haven’t been alone the entire weekend, I’ve had plans, but the fact that I took Friday and Monday off alone is huge for me. I never liked the idea of taking time off without having someone else taking the day off too (whether that be Pete, or a sister, or whatever, SOMEONE had to have the day off too, or I just wouldn’t want to do it). And I was a little bit apprehensive when I saw the weekend approaching and the weather looked worse and worse. And yeah, the weather here sucks right now, so it’s not like I am poolside all weekend like I had hoped, but I’m having fun! Shocker, huh? 😉 Friday I was alone most of the day, had plans at night, and tomorrow, same thing. I have all day to myself and then have dinner plans. So, I guess I am proving to myself that I can do it – I can be alone living alone but also CHOOSE to be alone by taking a day or two off by myself too. I kinda like it! Who knew?