datingI grapple a bit with the idea of dating before divorce is “official” – is that ok? not ok? I know Pete is dating already (and to be honest, I think he’s lonely, and kind of just jumping into it without thinking much about it, not that I care or anything 😉 ) and originally, when we discussed whether either of us would date before the marriage was officially over, we both said we’d probably wait until the divorce was final. Now, we also said that not realizing that it would be almost eight months before we even FILED for divorce (at this point, it’s in Pete’s hands to sign it – sign it already!!), so in a way, I think we agreed to that loosely thinking we’d be divorced by say, March.

Anyway, at this point, I think waiting for it to be “official” is well, too official. I should date when I am ready to date, not based on a piece of paper. And, who knows when I will actually start dating anyway…of course, I hope it’s sooner rather than later, but I am still not in a rush, I’m taking it day by day, and enjoying project CSB quite a bit, even the way it is now. So, I’m at peace with it and, as mentioned before, looking forward to embarking into the dating world. It’s a scary, unknown world for me, but I think I’m ready. Bring it.