jonkate8_s12So, as I’ve noted in a previous post, I feel I have a completely new perspective on divorce (obviously!) and am also hyper-sensitive to it in the news. So, of course I’ve been following the Jon & Kate + 8 drama (in fact, I’m watching the DVR’d episode of the show from last night) and while their whole story has been MASSIVELY overblown and overcovered (I won’t even go into my thoughts on either Jon or Kate’s so-called actions in all this), I feel for them and their family, and is still surprises me so much why there is such an obsession with divorce, given how (sadly) common it is nowadays. I ‘spose it’s silly to even wonder why there is a media obsession with celebrity divorce (in particular) as everyone loves drama, he said/she said stories etc.

I give them credit though, as it sounds like they are doing what’s best for their kids – sticking together in terms of being united in front of their kids and putting their kids’ best interest first, which is so important in any divorce where children are involved. So, I  wish them the best of luck on their journeys and hopefully their decision wasn’t rash, because there’s nothing worse than regret – either in staying in a relationship too long or leaving one too early.