I’m growing a pretty good list of blogs I follow now – finally – but have been browsing for others to see what’s out there. There’s still only a smattering of good blogs out there but I’ve found a few pretty interesting ones of late:

  1. A Divorced Woman – pretty good collection of various blog topics by a group of women divorcees. Some are a bit too negative and such, but there are a few goodies.
  2. The Quest for T – single, divorced woman and her journey – haven’t dug too much into this one, but looks good – will probably do a post on some of her entries soon.
  3. Single Mom Seeking – this looks like a goodie – particularly as it has some advice on dating – which I am hoping to need/seek soon 😉
  4. My Ramblings – a twice-divorced woman chronicalling her journey – sign me up to read this one through, also looking like a good one.
  5. Hot Dads – does this one need much explanation? Looks intriguing!

Just a few for now – I’m sure once I dig into these I’ll have even more fodder and thoughts on others’ perspectives. I just find it so fascinating how different yet so similar those I’ve come across are, in going through their journeys. Uncovering these gems are so rewarding and really give me new perspective on things too. Cuz we all know I am alllll about perspective 🙂