Happy quote Friday everyone! It’s been a pretty good week – despite yesterday’s bit of drama – and I’ve been saving this quote for awhile, as it’s a goodie:

“Forgive as soon as possible, love without boundaries, laugh without control and never stop smiling, even if you don’t know the reason.”

This one really captures everything I have been trying to get across throughout this journey – the things that I think are most important in any really trying period in one’s life – forgiveness, love, laughter, happiness – despite the difficulties that may be around you. If we constantly trudge through life sad and miserable, you’ll wake up 1, 5, 10 years from now and wonder where life went. That’s one thing I wanted to make sure I didn’t do – rush through this situation just to get past it and to the “good part” of life – when I’m over the pain and sadness – because I think experiencing it and taking the sadness and pain and turning into something you learn from is a much better way of dealing with it. I truly feel that I’m coming out of this stronger and happier and with a hell of a lot more perspective than if I just closed myself down and didn’t take this retrospective.

Happy Friday everyone!