Sooo, not a whole lot to share on project CSB…it feels like every other week I have a bigger update, and this week, since he was only teaching today, and not yesterday, time was limited. But, we did chat quite a bit, despite the fact that there were a few instructors milling about chatting with each other. I’m trying to convince him to run the next 5K I do and he seemed a bit interested in running one, so we’ll see how that goes. I also caught a few glances throughout class, which I of course returned (;)) and I think his co-instructor for the day noticed! Hehe – maybe she’ll mention something to him…push it along. Oh, and no Facebook friend acceptance yet, but as he hardly goes on, I am not holding my breath (though I of course check it a few times a day!)

So, I’m trying not to let the slooooow progress get me down, because I have to remember – life isn’t a race and taking my time with things is natural and there’s no need to jump into anything quickly. So, I’m content. I had a fantastic weekend so far and am looking forward to enjoying the rest of today.

Update…he accepted my friend request…and he has a girlfriend. Ouch. Game over…