I’m feeling pretty good today. No real reason, just optimistic about things. Much better than how I felt after learning about CSBGF’s existence and questioning whether I’m ready to dive into the dating world or if it’s too scary. And I realize time and again, your mood is dictated by your disposition and your outlook, hands down. No matter what, if I am feeling positive, despite my mood, or environment or whatever the case may be, I get through whatever is frustrating or hurting or bothering me SO much better than if I just trudge through it angrily or sadly.

Today’s blog from Joel Osteen speaks to this really well – so the timing is perfect for my post today:

Do you wake up every morning ready to embrace the day, or do you allow your circumstances to dictate your attitude? Whether you realize it or not, attitude is a choice. We all face difficulties. We all have obstacles that can seem impossible to overcome. However, the difference between those who are able to rise above their adversities and those who get stuck in them is their attitude.

You don’t have to be around our ministry very long to hear a message on having a thankful attitude. A thankful attitude is a form of praise that shows that your faith and hope is in God. I believe it is one of the main keys to living the abundant life God has in store because when you choose a thankful attitude, you are choosing life. You are connecting yourself to your Creator God who is the source of all life. You are opening the door for Him to move on your behalf.

Today, you may have some negative things happening. You may have some challenges or unexpected situations in your path, but remember, a thankful attitude and a heart of praise will keep you connected to your Life Source. Choose life today by choosing to worship Him in all that you do.

I absolutely love this message – CHOOSE life and have a thankful attitude..because whether you believe it or not, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, no matter what. And realizing that is honestly the first step to sustained happiness and a positive outlook on life. As was evident in my range of feelings over the past week, I still have a LOT to learn and a lot of strength to develop (even though I have learned a lot and grown more strength than I thought I ever had) and I’m actually really looking forward to continuing to get stronger and smarter about who I am, what I want, and where I want to go.

Happy fourth of July weekend everyone…be safe, have fun, and give thanks.

PS – figure it’s time to finally add a pic of myself to this blog I now call home. Check it out – under the “who I am” section.