So, after finding out that CSB has a girlfriend (aka CSBGF), I thought I wouldn’t post much about project CSB anymore, but I can’t resist. It’s not like the project is over per se, because as some of my friends have astutely called out – it’s helping get me used to the idea of dating and getting comfortable flirting, which are two very good reasons to keep project CSB going, right?? And, just because he has a girlfriend doesn’t mean I have to act any differently (I’m not the one that’s taken!).

So, I was curious how class would go today, wondering if CSB would act differently since I now know he has a girlfriend – he may not even put two and two together that I saw it on his Facebook page (guys are oblivious to details sometimes, I think…am I right?!). He didn’t act any differently today than in weeks’ past. And I didn’t really act any differently either. It was a good class, quieter since many probably skipped it today given the holiday weekend. I’m still trying to persuade him to run the 5K I am doing next Sunday, and he said he really might come…he’s told a bunch of his friends about it. He admitted he hasn’t run a 5K in a long time, so I think that’s part of why he’s hesitant. So we talked about running for a bit and I told him more about my never-ending side-cramp saga, and it was good. I still swear I see glances during class, and he asked me to turn the music down at one point (sort of cute?). At the end of class, I was leaving and he said hey, maybe I’ll see you at the 5K next weekend? So, who knows, it was good, and if I come out of this with him as a friend, that’s cool too, because he’s a nice guy (albeit a very cute, very motivated, very funny, everything I’d look for in a guy…ho hum).

So there you have it – any thoughts from the peanut gallery appreciated…doing the right thing? move away from this CSB thing? keep flirting? Hang back