Stealing this one straight from one of my good friends’ blogs (her story is completely different – nothing divorce related – but she has a great perspective on her own ordeal) – why do I blog? Well, as you know, I started this blog in February as a way to chronicle my journey from marriaged 20-something to divorced (almost) thirty-something.

But, over the course of five months, this blog has become so much more than just documenting my journey day by day. It’s become a part of my healing, part of my identity and has felt extremely enriching and valuable to me in so many ways:

  • I’m actually a pretty good writer – who knew?! I tend to write my blog entry each day, scan it for typos and post. But I don’t really re-read them or read them in-depth for content after. Not sure why, I just don’t tend to – I get an idea, I write, I post. But sometimes I get comments on a certain blog about it being powerful or dead-on, or whatever the case may be, and I go back and read it and sometimes impress myself! Some of my posts are pretty good, I ‘spose 😉
  • I blog to understand and express my emotions. During the day, I will think off-hand about what I want to blog about that day…sometimes I already have an idea, other times, it comes from that days’ conversation or divorce-related action. Sometimes my blog is my release to hash out how I am feeling, and other times, through the course of blogging, I understand WHY I am feeling the way I’m feeling. Pretty cool.
  • Blogging keeps me focused on growing, healing, learning and reminding myself to be happy and forge ahead. You’ve probably noticed a lot of my blogs center on happiness, faith, and inspiration. It’s my way of keeping my chin up, sure, but also a way to keep myself laser-focused on moving forward and moving forward happily, not just trudging along miserable. Helps more than you know!
  • I love meeting people. And by people, I mean other divorcees…how enlightening! Those on my blogroll are AWESOME (most are divorce bloggers, a few are friends and other inspiring bloggers I follow) and I love getting feedback from them and reading their blogs and commenting. It feels so rewarding and enlightening to meet others going through this situation and what they’ve learned.

These are just a few of the reasons I blog. I’m sure I could think of more, and if I do, I’ll update this post. I’ve found it way more rewarding than I ever thought and it’s so much a part of my day and my mindset, that if I miss a blog entry (only one day since February!), I feel “off” for the day. (Speaking of missing a day – I’m on vacation next week and won’t have computer access – toying with the idea of trying wordpress for Blackberry…or writing my blogs out for the days I am away and posting one mondo blog when I return…hmmm. Decisions, decisions!).

Anyway, this has been so great and I hope all that are reading my blogs are also finding them interesting, enlightening, and perchance, exciting at times (helloooo CSB! LOL!). To blogging!