Sooo…CSB and I have been emailing – weird, isn’t it? Well, backing up, I emailed him about a week or two ago trying to get him to come to the 5K I am running on Sunday and he said he wasn’t sure blah blah blah. And then I emailed him again this Sunday after class since he said “maybe I’ll see you there,” ribbing him to see if he’d signed up yet or not. So, he emailed me back two days ago (usually takes him 2-3 days to respond, I’ve noticed) and said he wasn’t sure he could come…but who was I running with? And so I emailed him back and we went back and forth today four times.

It was so strange – he clearly was checking his gmail and kept emailing back with various short emails and questions. Nothing earth-shattering but I thought that was kind of interesting…so hey, I’m still running with it and trying to add a twinge of flirt into my emails but nothing ridiculously oozing of flirt either – happy medium? We’ll see what happens at class on Saturday…if anything. I’m having fun with it though – keeps life interesting, I guess, right?!