Happy quote Friday everyone!! It’s a very special Friday…why? Because it’s the start of my vacation!! Very excited for time in Maine (will have to break away from blogging for a few days – Sun – Thurs – will be VERY hard!)…so, I decided on a broader quote today that I’ve been saving for awhile:

“By stepping forward-even when you’re sure not ready-you’ll find genius, power, and magic.  Your way will become clear.  Often times, we’re foggy about our purpose, not quite sure what we want, and it’s only because we’ve been too timid to stick our necks out”

This is a huge reminder to me to always challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone – whether it be personal, work, or workout related – I always want to stretch myself. Why? Because that’s how you grow and develop and EXPERIENCE new things. The more I have gotten out of my comfort zone, the more I’ve learned and the clearer my path has become. I want to run away from timidness in life and run towards genius, power and most of all, magic. I know it’s there, I know it wants to come out, I just need to push it along.