Though I had zero internet access in Maine (shocker…LOL), I took my laptop with me and typed up my thoughts for each day..are ya ready?!

Day 1 – Maine.

Got here around 12:30 today – after a great 5K! I was proud of myself for not stopping, even though I got a couple of side cramps. Still ran it in about 34 mins (or a hair under) so my time didn’t improve much (maybe 30 seconds or so) but felt a small triumph for running all the way through.

Already having a really great time. Was afraid I would be a little down because this week last year, Pete and I (and one of my sisters and my brother in law) took the same week  off and had a glorious time in Maine. But no, I am feeling really good, not lonely, but just drinking in the serenity, time with my grandparents, and fun (as usual) with one of my sisters and brother in law (saw my other sister and brother in law yesterday for a fab cookout at mom’s). Laid in the sun on the dock all afternoon, played a mean game of Dominoes with Gram and Gramp (I won! Woo!) and got my FIRST EVER lobster roll (yes, I know – I live in New England and never had one! Go figure!) at Ted’s (up the road). Now, sitting here, writing my entry, with a glass of wine in hand. Can it get better than that? I feel the stress of work, the everyday grind, the house and divorce drama, melting away. It’s going to b a great week, I can just feel it.

Day 2 – Maine.

It’s about 4:45 here on this fine Monday, and as is typical Maine fashion – the days last SO long because Maine time goes so much more slowly than at home. I relish it!! Today has been awesome so far. Woke up around 7:30 or so (after sleeping FANTASTICALLY – funny, I never slept well up here before, but I think my conquering my sleeping alone fears have somehow helped me sleep better in general) and had a nice run, about 2 ½ miles. Tomorrow, will probably do 3 ½ and work up to 4 by our last day (since my sister is determined to get me to run a 10K by October – eek!). Laid by the lake alllll day from around 9:30 until 2ish. Went and got ice cream with my grandparents and came back. Feeling super relaxed, tan, and euphoric almost. It’s awesome.

…only small hump was a call from Pete today about next steps on the short sale. It’s just stressful not having control over the next step – waiting to hear from the mortgage company if they’ll accept the short sale. They could call us tomorrow, next month, three months from now…and that’s scary and daunting, but I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and realize it’s not worth worrying about since it’s out of my control. Serenity now… 😉

…oh and CSB and I emailed back and forth twice today. Hmm. Intriguing. I like it.

Day 3 – Maine.

Funny, about the same time writing my blog today as yesterday. The lovely, relaxing in-between time post-sunning and before dinner (and wine!). Another fantastic day, despite some afternoon clouds. Had a false start to pick blueberries (despite the sign – not open for picking!) with Gram and Gramp, but had a scenic drive back. Enjoyed the sun until it disappeared behind some clouds, worked on a puzzle with Gram, and finished reading my book. All in all, continuing to be a fantastic vacation.

On a side note, annoyed myself by looking at CSB’s Facebook page and there’s a new pic up with him and CSBGF. I don’t know why I get myself so wrapped up in things –it’s just a crush, and one that won’t go anywhere, so why get myself all annoyed?! So, I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed with myself, pretty much 😉 I’ll snap out of it, just give me an hour or so 😉 I’ll save this for a future post – but have been giving more and more thought to the world of dating and whether I am ready or not. In my mind, I think I am, but part of me is sort of scared of it…it’s daunting to set out into the dating world after a decade. But could be kind of exciting, and a new exploration for me that maybe I need. Hmm…

Day 4 – Maine.

Trip slooowly coming to a close. We go home tomorrow afternoon and I’ll finish up my vaca blogging tomorrow with a lovely summary of events (of lack thereof – in a good way!). It’s been a fantasic almost 5 days of nothing but relaxation, sunning, drinking wine, and a dash of running in the AMs (running about 2 – 2 ½ miles this week each morning, just to get some exercise in while still feeling like I’m getting in a daily sweat!). I’ve done a lot of thinking while I’ve been up here, a lot of it around dating, oddly enough, and I’ll devote a post or two to that later this week/weekend. I guess what has been hitting me is that I’ve been SO used to having one man in my life for almost 10 years, that entering the dating world, where I may meet one, or several men before I find one that I want an actual relationship with (I’m being realistic that the first guy I meet may not be “the” next relationship I have – though I hope it isn’t TOO many men before I find a good one) is so out of the “norm” for me – I’m not one for change, so it’s funny that after almost nine months of um, change (hi – getting divorced and selling my house – yeah, that’s change!!), this seems like the biggest change for me. Okay, so I’ve blabbered on a lot about my thoughts already, so I won’t steal any more thunder from future dating posts 😉

All in all, this trip has been amazing. I’ve loved every minute of it, and really needed this break from reality to sit back, relax, and enjoy summer (now that it’s finally here). Ahh…


So, there you have it – four wonderful days in Maine and I am feeling refocused, reflective, and rejuvinated!! Annnd, I still have the rest of the week off (and a lot of fun plans this week!). Bring it!!