As you know, over the past week or so, I’ve really begun thinking more and more about officially entering the dating world (listen to me, as if it’s something you really enter…lol). One of the steps I’ve taken? Eek…I joined And let me say – it’s pretty overwhelming and a huge time suck (and intimidating – as Diary of a Divorced Guy aptly pointed out!!)!! I’ve been emailing with a few guys but nothing has headed toward a phone convo or a date yet, so we’ll see…I’m being patient.

But seriously, I think back to when I was single…and I have never been single for very long, or long enough to really date around or anything. So, I guess you could say I am a dating virgin in a way…or a born again dater?! I don’t know how to date…I don’t know what couples DO on dates, or how often they talk, or any of it…and I’m sure half of you reading this think I am once AGAIN, overthinking, but it’s part of my nature to overthink!! I guess I just need to go on some dates to figure it all out. So, we’ll see if pans out or if I meet anyone when I’m out and about (girls – guess we need a GNO STAT!).

And, on a side note – more goodies with CSB at spin today. Stayed after class for another 10 mins or so, talked about running, he got my last email and really wants to run one together, but he has class three days a week (and then plays soccer one night and basketball another – again making me wonder – where does he have time for CSBGF…or, she MUST be a long distance GF…), so we’ll see. He’s still cute, and something fun. I’ll say it again!