*waves* bye vacation, it was so wonderful to spend a week with you! Was a near-perfect vacation (I say near-perfect as I had a massive hangover today that nearly crippled me! Fun night gone slightly over the top I ‘spose!) and I feel relaxed and rejuvinated.

…so why am I beating myself up?! Because I am feeling slightly piggish for lots of food and drinks this week (for the record, I did pretty good eating this week, I guess I am just beating myself up over the wine indulgence!) after trying my best to get my body into good, summer shape heading into the workout bootcamp weekend coming up (more on that, later!). I get myself into these stupid little funks when I pick apart my body, my eating, my looks, when I really should not be so uptight all the time. So, I figured I’d blog it out and feel better…it’s sort of working 😉 I’ll feel better getting back into the normal eating groove this week, cleaner eating, regular schedule, back to the grind. But, hey, I wouldn’t change anything for this week’s vacation. I got to see my family and friends, I relaxed, I sunned, and unwound.

Serenity now 😉