Not that I expected instantaneous matching, but is truly overwhelming. It’s hard to search through 50 pages of possible matches, read through profiles, wink, email etc etc. Not that I’m impatient but the whole process is a little baffling. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this, but Pete and I actually met online…waaay back before, 1999, in an chat room (is even around anymore?!) – it was sort of a fluke, and I didn’t even tell a ton of people how we met, at the time, because it wasn’t mainstream, so it was just easier not to share that *minor* detail. So, looking back to them, and now, the whole world of online dating is completely different (heck, in 1999, there was no such THING as online dating!).

Anyway, I was catching up on the blogs I missed reading from my vacation and came across a very timely one from NewSheetMusic on tips for successful dates. There were some great tips in there that may seem “no, duh” but really were really helpful! An excerpt:

don’t overdo the emails and phone calls.  Internet dating is odd in that people get to know the deepest emotions of a person before they have time to become familiar with each other.   In a workplace, it’s just the opposite.  You get to know a person, little-by-little and people are somewhat guarded.  On the internet, people pour out their soul through the letters on the keyboard.  Not good as a standard practice.

and one more valuable tip:

And I forgot, make the first date for a coffee or a drink after work.  Dinner is too much of a commitment.  You don’t want to be stuck with someone for over an hour if clearly he’s not your type.

I’m taking in any dating tips and tricks I can get…so feel free to share em! I know I’ll learn along the way and figure out what I’m looking for, but in the meantime, I’m going to be drinking in the tips 😉