So, yesterday I revealed my impending date – and today, I woke up to a text from boy#1 and we got to chatting over email a bit. He mentioned he was on the road today at some job sites and I jokingly asked if he was near my office because I could really use some Starbucks…and he was! Soooo, we decided to meet up for a quick coffee to say hello – I was thisclose to wussing out and not going (partially because I had a super hectic day at work) but decided that I might as well go for it, as it’ll help break the ice for the date on Tuesday. And, I was right – it did! It was a nice convo, he seems nice, and it wasn’t really awkward or anything. Can’t say yet if I feel a connection, since it was literally 15 minutes, but it did reveal a few surprising things to me post-Starbucks meet-up.

…I’m not as shy as I thought I was…and talking to boys is really not *that* scary or hard. Huge revelations to me in a way. I was happy with the convo and how it went and I wasn’t offputting or standofish as I think I probably come across as from time to time, when it’s just some shyness. So that made me feel much more confident about impending date, but also, for dating in general. It was a good feeling.

And, I caught up with one of my close divorced friends (who, by the way, I think deserves a name, since I reference her often – let’s call her BDF – best divorced friend – shall we? 🙂 ) last night to catch up, and she gave me some good points to ponder as well. The anticipation is worse than the actual date (already true – since I felt at ease 5 mins in), you aren’t as “rusty” as you think you are (no matter how long!), and just have fun with it.

So, that’s my plan – I’m not taking this all too seriously yet, but I am going to embrace the experience, see where things go with boy #1 (there are a couple others I have chatted with on and off on…we’ll see how all of these pan out!) and go from there.


On a side note…I had a really vivid dream about my Nonna last night. I was at my dad’s house, with her, and the rest of my family. And I was saying goodbye to everyone, and gave my Nonna a hug and kiss and told her I loved her. I truly felt as though she hugged me back. It was very comforting, yet sad at the same time…then I hugged my dad and started crying (in my dream). He asked why I was crying, and I said it was because I was so happy. It was such a powerful dream…I really felt her when I woke up, and the message that “I’m so happy” resonated. I think I am…and I’m turning a massive corner that I didn’t see coming.