No sooner than writing my blog last night about how sloooow the process seems to be, I HAVE A DATE! Can’t believe I’m even writing this…feels surreal, exciting, scary, new, fun, daunting, all bundled together in a big bottle of frenetic energy. It is exciting to me to embark on this new leg of my journey…opening myself up to meeting new people – whether they turn into multiple dates, relationships, or just friendships – I’m open to it all, and it feels new and fun and absolutely scary as hell šŸ˜‰ In a good way, don’t worry.

…soooo, my date is with a boy I met on…he’s a smidge younger than me, at 28, lives relatively closeby, and seems as though he has his head on his shoulders, running his own business, traveling, being active etc. Should be fun, I hope. Looks like sometime next week (probably Tuesday), so we’ll see how that goes! There is another guy I’ve been emailing with a bit, so that could turn into a date too, but at this point, too soon to tell.

Thoughts? Reactions? Advice? I’ll take it all