Yup, you read that right. Dating advice. Me. To Pete. And before you shake my head an think that’s a)weird, b) not healthy or c) weird – it actually felt pretty normal (but also VERY telling…).

He came by about a week or two ago and we were just catching up on house and divorce paper stuff and his pseudo-GF came up in conversation and he said he was backing away from it because he didn’t know if it was what he wanted – he likes her, doesn’t want someone ELSE to be with her – but wants to be alone (um, sounds sort of familar, doesn’t it?!). So I told him that he HAS to be honest with her, first of all, don’t hurt someone just because you’re not ready and second of all, if he decides to get back into dating her (or dating, generally), he needs to decide ahead of time what he wants – a relationship, a casual date or two, etc – before anything (some sage advice from BDF!) Anyway, long story short, apparently he ended up talking to her and they’re back to dating.

The enlightening parts of that conversation – he clearly isn’t ready to commit, yet he’s jumping into something semi-committed – so he’s probably afraid to be alone, but still doesn’t know what he wants, because he claims to WANT to be alone. It’s so interesting how conflicted and tortured his feelings seem to be – while I feel crystal clear about what I want , and when. Why the juxtaposition? I’m the one who was “let go” – I wasn’t the one “letting go” and making the decision to end things. So, the tables feel completely turned, where I’m happy, ready to move on, and see where life takes me, while Pete feels as though he hasn’t really learned anything yet. It’s sad, really.


on a separate note – a friend of mine is officially divorced as of tomorrow…is it weird that I’m jealous?! πŸ˜‰ She started her divorce proceedings about two months ago – much faster moving. Happy she’s in a better place, and moving on to her next phase! I’ll be joining her in the “officiality” (is that a word?!) department soon enough I hope…!