Today was my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration and it was truly an amazing time. I was expecting to to be filled with laughter and memories, but it really reached a more powerful level for me…my grandparents are amazing and have been such a support system for me most recently, and to see their love, and their life they built together 60 years ago through today was just magical.

There was a slideshow of their days together leading up to their marriage, having their children, and the various homes they lived in. There were pictures of my grandfather with his father, and extended family that I have never met (or, don’t remember meeting as we were likely too young to remember), and it was just so great to see a relationship weather 60 years and still be going strong.

I am truly inspired and touched to have such an amazing family. Today meant even that much more to me as I try as hard as possible to cherish the time I have with my family – particularly my grandparents, given how much I am missing my Nonna these days – that time spent together is priceless and I drank it in today. They seemed to have such a great time too, and were so happy to see their friends and family, and for that, I’m really happy too. I am lucky to have such great family, and will never, ever take that for granted.