different things to a lot of people. I’ve been ruminating on this topic in my mind for  a little while now and just so happened to come across a cluster of blogs on this very topic so I thought it’d be a fitting post for this fine Sunday evening. Wrapping up yet another great weekend and looking forward to the week ahead (hi – date on Tuesday – eek!!) and weekend (trip to NJ – for this wonderful event – separate blog on this later!).

So, what is happiness? A few different items I read capture it nicely:

From aDivorcedWoman: I’m most happy when I know I can tackle anything life has to deal me. When I’m not judging a life situation as good or bad but doable.

From MyRamblings: Happiness is a choice. I firmly believe this, however, there IS a catch. Choosing happiness does not mean you will suddenly and miraculously be happy, always and forever. Once I make the CHOICE to be happy, I must then gather the resources, tools and experience necessary to be happy. When storms come along (i.e. loss of job, death, divorce or perhaps just a really crappy day), I must decide how to weather them. Will I plug along through the storm, will I find shelter and wait for the storm to pass, try to find a way around it or will I give up and make the choice to be unhappy.

For me? Happiness means feeling content with your situation – no matter what. It’s realizing that being unhappy or anxious or stressed out, or any of those feelings that make you UNhappy aren’t really worth it – because where do they get you? A whole lot of nowhere, just um, unhappy! So, I am happy…life has it’s ups and downs and bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s what makes it life and what makes us each stronger. For me, I’d rather find any piece of happiness I can in a crappy day, or when I’m in a bad mood, to give me that kick in the pants of perspective that it could ALWAYS be worse. Always.

So, with that said, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend, not stress about the work-week ahead (or my date! lol!) and be happy. Try it sometime, why don’t ya? It works!