So, as I mentioned in a post last week, a good friend of mine officially got divorced (the post said Friday, but it was actually today – my bad) today, and I am utterly inspired by her. She has gone through hell and back through this process – about a zillion times worse than me, and she has come out of this so amazingly strong, and headstrong, and so hopeful for the future. I

saw her this morning just after it was finalized, and she looked vibrant and happy and yes, a little shaken, just given the finality of what just happened, but she was a brand new woman. For someone that has been in an unhappy marriage for as long as she has (at least 5 years), while dealing with trying to remain as amicable as possible with her ex (believe me – NOT an easy task!!) and transitioning her two young children to a new home and juggling a crazy job, she has come out of this stronger than I have ever seen. She is resilient, she is strong, and she is one of the bravest people I know.

THIS is what makes me write this blog – experiencing friends (and even just seeing others via their blogs go through similar discoveries) come out stronger on the other side. Inspiring others that it is possible to start fresh, no matter how old, no matter how long the marriage was, no matter if children are involved or not. I’m proud to be part of a group of women (and men) that have gone through such a heart- and gut-wrenching journey as divorce, and proving happiness is possible, moving on is possible and finding love again is most definitely possible.

Closing out this post with a phrase this amazing woman said today:

I’m not afraid…will stand strong, so bring it!!!! Go ahead and bring it, because I will be standing here with both my feet planted firmly just waiting…

Enough said. Bring it girl, bring it!!!!