As promised, here are some details on date #1 – the first in a decade for me (as I’ve mentioned probably a million times by now!). It was a really good time. We had great conversation, it wasn’t awkward at all, and though he wasn’t supremely attractive, there is something about him that I find attractive. He’s very nice, he’s driven, and he knows what he wants out of life, which I dig. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when we said our goodbyes (and suggested I pick a place for another night out – so I suppose that’s an invite, right??) – I think he sort of wussed out on a real kiss, but that’s okay (though I would have probably been open to it, just to see what kind of attraction there might have been).

After I left, I felt this huge sense of accomplishment and elation…because I did this, I went out, I had fun, I was outgoing and it was a huge rush of adrenalin! I’m really glad I am getting out of comfort zone in a huge way, and I’m looking forward to more dates, more fun, and learning more about what I’m looking for in the next guy I go for…I know what I want, basically, of course, but I’m trying to also keep an open mind (not that I’ve ever really had a type, anyway, to be honest), and see what happens.

All in all, it is a relief to get the first date over with, since I was supremely nervous ALL DAY yesterday! I’m sure I’ll be nervous for future dates, but at least now I know I can do it, and I’m not a huge wimp 😉