Fi-nally signed the divorce papers today…only, oh, well past nine months into the process! It feels a little surreal, knowing that the next step is court, and then, divorce becomes official reality. When I first started blogging, I was reading others’ blogs on their divorce processes and wondered how I’d feel when I got to this very stage. At the time, I always got a huge lump in my throat and felt as though I wanted to vomit, watching my life go down the drain.

But now? I feel fantastic. Really couldn’t feel better at this stage, to be honest. And THAT feels more surreal than anything. Pete and I are at a pretty good stage at our post-marriage relationship. Sure, it changes and evolves almost weekly, sure there are still random awkward moments, but overall? I couldn’t really ask for much more out of relationship that has morphed into something civil and strangely normal. Sure, the house short sale process is painstakingly slow. But I expected that, and just try to take it one day at a time – much of the process is out of my control and I need to realize that and let it go. Personally, I feel great. I just ended a fabulous “fit camp” weekend, met new friends, feel physically great (nothing like seven workouts to do that to ya!). I’m also excited to be in the dating world…I have another date tomorrow WEDNESDAY night! And I’m excited about it…not with boy #1, with a new boy, as I mentioned yesterday, but I’m looking forward to it. This whole dating experience is strangely fun, though I’m sure that may change at some point and become boring, stressful at times, and up and down.

But that’s life. And I’m living it the best I can, with what I have. And I love it.