Just back from the Cathe Road Trip and man, what a TRIP! It was an absolute blast for many, many reasons…but a few pretty good ones:

  1. Cathe had read on the Forums that I’m going through a divorce and remembered it when we spoke at the dinner on Saturday…it was so touching that she remembered that and singled it out. She said she was sorry, that I looked great, and is glad I am happy (and dating, as my sister aptly pointed out!). That meant a lot.
  2. The sisters we went with – one of them is divorced – and funny enough, the first girl we met was also going through a divorce. So, that was a fabulous bonding experience, and we talked a lot, and really had a lot in common (clearly!).
  3. The trip itself was amazing…sure it’s New Jersey, but these road trips are so much fun, you push yourself physically and realize how strong you really are! I feel as though I have come a long way in that department this year as well, and made it through all SEVEN workouts in 2 days with only a few aches and pains (lol)
  4. I have another date (see, I was productive while I was Cathe-ing it up!!) – on Tuesday, with another match.com boy. We’ll call him #2…we’ll see how that goes. We chatted tonight on my drive home from the airport, seems nice, funny, active. Match.com boy #1 still hanging around, but hasn’t asked me out yet, so we’ll see (and, I have a few other prospects cooking too – lol!)

More tomorrow, but wanted to make sure I posted something tonight while still fresh in my mind 🙂