So, I guess you could say I’ve fully jumped into this dating thing…with date #1 with boy #2 and date #2 pending with boy #1 (and a few other possibilities in the works – lol) and it’s pretty entertaining, fun, and new. But as part of jumping into dating, I’m also jumping into the idea of a relationship – and before I go any further, here is my disclaimer: I am clearly not jumping into relationship mode whatsoever, but it goes without saying that dating can sometimes lead to a relationship, so my thoughts are a natural progression, but not something I’m looking for right off the bat. Not at all.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, what I have been thinking about is how when “the situation” first occurred, I was afraid to be alone, wasn’t independent, and the thought of dating and/or finding anyone ever again made me want to vomit. But now, what I am realizing is that I am SO used to my routine, my workout schedule, my alone time – whatdya know – my independence! So, to think that at some point in the TBD future, my “new normal” could shift a bit here and there- and that feels so strange to me, because now, I can’t imagine myself any other way. And, I think that’s actually a really good thing, because I think that signifies a big step for me mentally – I have embraced independence and it’s now part of what makes “me” me. And that’s way cool.

I also look back at convos with one of my good, single friends – let’s call her BSF – best single friend, shall we? When she was dating someone last winter, she mentioned she wasn’t used to having someone around, someone “barging in” on her schedule, her life, her alone time – and I looked at her like she had 10 heads – why WOULDN’T you want someone in your life? Because that’s how I looked at it – when, in reality, that’s not what she meant at all, it was just the feeling of being accustomed to only having you – nobody else – to consider into your daily equation. And now I TOTALLY understand what she means. Kind of a full circle feeling. There you have it – my random thoughts on dating….on the eve of date #1 with boy #2 😉


Side note – if anyone has seen the dancing bridal party video that’s been plastered all over the Internet, check out this HILARIOUS parody of the same dance – but in divorce court! BSF send this to me, and I can’t get enough of it (even sent it to Pete, who thought it was a riot – asked if I wanted to do that too – LOL, I sort of do! Weird??).