I had a great night last night!! Match.com boy #2 is SUPER cute, killer blue eyes, nice personality. We hit it off right away (he gave me a hug when we met up) and had a lot of good conversation, too, no awkwardness at all. We talked about his interests – he’s big into MMA and boxing, which is kind of cool. He just bought a house right near the beach and has a roommate (but it’s his house), he likes to be active, like me, which I like. He hasn’t had a lot of long-term relationships, but I think that’s ok, because he seems like a really independent guy who doesn’t necessarily need a relationship to make him “whole”  – I could probably draw from that type of personality pretty well, since I’ve always been a relationship person. He said that he wants a relationship but just hasn’t really met the right women (so I don’t see it as a red flag that he hasn’t been in a ton of long-term relationships).

I feel there was more chemistry with him than with match.com boy #1…but I may go out with boy #1 again to give it another chance, but if it doesn’t work, I am not the type to lead anyone on, so I’d let him know (who knows, maybe he doesn’t either, though I get the feeling he does like me??), I don’t think that’s right. This whole dating thing so far has been so fun!! I am really enjoying it, and getting out and having a fun little social life going on! Not that I didn’t before, but this feels different, since I’m branching out, getting out of my comfort zone. Exhilerating in a way.