This has been an interesting week (I say that a lot, don’t I?) – I’ve gone on another date and lined up two more (with boy #1 and #2 respectively), I had a VERY enlightening conversation with Pete that was – while progressive – a little frustrating too, and as one friend mentioned (and another commented), my confidence is starting to increase. So, without further ado, today’s quote Friday quote is…

“Know that by past choices made, yours or someone else’s, you are right where you are meant to be at this moment. Be joyous, and grateful. Always listen to your inner voice, as it is Spirit and the very essence of life, and happiness.” – Maya Angelou

This quote says a few different things to me – first, choices. As I mentioned as part of the blog on the conversation with Pete, I didn’t CHOOSE divorce, I wasn’t given that opportunity, it was chosen for me, so my closure is starting to come now, as we near divorce. So I am embracing every moment right now, as it happens, both good and bad, because this is MY life now, more so than ever, and nobody else’s. That feels so empowering to me, and as though there are a million open doors that were maybe there before, but I just never saw (sadly).

So, I am embracing dating. The good and the bad (already had one bad run in with a d-bag, but that’s to be expected, right??). I am embracing change and new beginnings. And, I am even embracing watching Pete experience his own confusion, feelings, and moving on (he just told me he is basically now “official” with the chick he’s been dating. Does it bother me? Not really. I say that because what bothers me is that he is rushing into a relationship when he doesn’t even know himself or why he chose divorce in the first place – a story for another time!! It does NOT bother me that he has a girlfriend – and that’s huge for me. I am high-fiving myself right now knowing that it doesn’t bother me!

Happy Friday everyone…and to all, a fantastic weekend!


PS – my blog just hit 6,000 visitors! Woohoo! Nice milestone going into the weekend 🙂