…he sends me a picture of his kitties!

Okay, let me back up – first, I never really *stopped* thinking about CSB (he’s still my “holy grail” of hottness heehee), but I am obviously keeping myself open to the dating world (especially since CSBGF exists, but not the only reason for dating!). We do email from time to time each week, and he emailed me this week and we went back and forth a few times about our week, and he mentioned one of his kitties kept him up all night sneezing. So when I replied, I sent a pic of my cats. He sent one back – from his cell phone to my email (so now I have his cell number – sneaky sneaky!). His cats are cute, but mine are WAY cuter (of course!).

I managed to slip in that I went on a date last week and mentioned where, since we have chatted in the past about good hang out spots. He asked how the date was, and I mentioned that “a girl’s gotta get out there and find a cute single guy, since you’re obviously not (single)!” I figured ya know, why not slip that in. He didn’t really acknowledge that in the next email (not surprised, what would he say??), but today during spin, he was super flirty and attentive, it was so strange. I mean, if he truly has a girlfriend, that’s probably not a good thing, but hey, I am single, so flirting is still harmless, and I would never do anything to jeopardize someone’s relationship, but at the same time, perhaps they are on the rocks (a girl can keep her options open, right?!). We walked out of class together and then I left. But it was fun!!

Wow, this was a rambling post, but I figured you all might be curious where project CSB stood…it’s still hovering, don’t worry šŸ˜‰


I finished reading My Sister’s Keeper today – VERY VERY good book I have been meaning to read by one of my fave authors (Jodi Piccoult) – and bawled my eyes out at the end. Made me realize how much I love and cherish the relationship I have with my sisters…so I made sure to call both of them and tell them that. Love you sisters!!!