After the latest eye-opening conversation with Pete, and a few various conversations with friends/family, I’ve been thinking about how open/closed I ought to be with Pete in terms of my life, including dating, etc. Of course, everyone does have an opinion (and honestly, I appreciate all of the opinions of my family/friends because I know they’re giving it out of love/defensiveness of me) on how much I should really share with him, or how little, and how much (or how little) his actions have on me.

Where am I going with this? Well, on Friday, Pete told me he was bringing the girl he’s been seeing down to see his family two states away (but he was adamant that he was not introducing her to his parents, JUST his brother and sister). And we talked about it for a bit…I didn’t necessarily offer my opinion but I did ask if that meant they were “official” and he said “more or less, yes.” – which to me means, yes, but only because what else am I going to call her? He seems to be going through the motions with this girl and just diving right into another relationship so soon – which is just dissapointing to me, since he really hasn’t grown or learned from his decisions – or our marriage – he’s just going for it all over again. Of course, this isn’t my life, so why should I care, I suppose, but he is still a friend to me, so it’s a little frustrating. BUT, it doesn’t bother me that he has a girlfriend, and that’s huge for me!

So, the question remains – how open should I be with Pete? How much should I share about my life (and vice versa?)? Well, for me, I am acting as I normally would, sharing general life activities with him and chatting about what’s going on in our lives, and until (or if) that becomes too difficult or starts to bother me, I see nothing wrong with it – IN MY CASE – because I feel our relationship has evolved into one that can handle hearing about each others’ lives (including love life – to an extent).

Is that weird? Maybe. But it’s working for me, oddly enough.