So, the latest shenanigans…as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, boy #2 had gone MIA on me. I emailed him one more time today, basically saying, “look, if you aren’t interested anymore, I’m a big girl, I can handle it, just would appreciate it if you told me.” He emailed me back and apparently an ex got back in touch with him over the weekend and he has feelings for her, but would like to stay in touch. Um, no thanks. Priceless, huh? Sometimes I wonder if boys ever grow up into men. I mean, he was 28, just one year younger than me, but that’s immature IMHO. I’m sure I’ll run into more immaturity, but it just makes me wonder sometimes!

So, in other news…still going ahead with boy #1 (who my friends are apparently rooting for – LOL – and I’m still on the fence chemistry-wise – we’ll find out soon enough I suppose!) – date TBD (maybe tomorrow, or after I get back from vacation in another week or so). And, the emergence of boy #3 – who works two buildings away from me, how odd is that? We’ve talked a few times by email, and he seems cute, fun, nice, and will probably meet for drinks after I get back from vacation too.

I’m in a “we’ll see” mode – keeping an open mind to those I feel I have things in common with, and have some good looks to go along with it (c’mon, looks are important, to some extent, admit it) and giving them a test run. I’m weeding out those with red flags (coming on way too strong, overly confident/cocky etc) and still being selective, but this dating stuff is fun! So far, so good…

….and there’s still CSB in the back of my mind. Yes, I know there is the existence of CSBGF, but damn, he’s really the holy grail for me – of hotness, common interests, and chemistry *sigh.* And, we do email several times a week, and talk during class and I still get a sense there is something “there” somewhere…and I know that’s not necessarily a good thing since a) CSBGF, period and b) CSBGF! I don’t want a cheater or someone shady – though I really don’t think he is either….but who knows, I could be blinded by the holy grail of hotness 😉