It’s been such an up and down week – work has been unbearable this week – my accounts are just super slow, and being slow at work is – for me – WAY worse than being crazy busy – which makes me feel uninspired and unmotivated. However, personally, the week has been pretty fantastic. I had a fantastic SGNO last weekend with BSF, finally got to experience Restaurant Week in Boston, and, today, russled up two more cute boys ( boy #2? Pu-lease.) – basically – my social life has been very active, and I’m having a blast.

Which brings me to life’s balances…it’s so interesting to me that when one part of my life (work) can feel so dead and uninspiring, another part of my life (personal, social, family/friends) can make me feel so ALIVE. Even as I was spinning tonight (dragging myself there, super tired, but I did, and I feel much better!), waking up as each song progressed, I just felt so aware of myself and felt a wave of happiness. It was a good feeling – and I think – as a matter of fact, I KNOW – God works in mysterious ways – balancing my life in a way that I can see my goals ahead of me, without obstruction, and move towards them wide-eyed and aware.

As I think about my pending vacation (back) to Maine, I think of their state motto (cheesy alert – warning!) – it’s “the way life should be” –  right now.