Hi all – back from my vaca to Maine – and it was near perfection. A wonderful five days, and I’m sad to see them go, though I am looking forward to the rest of my vacation 🙂 Here are my thoughts, day by day…

Day 1 – Maine.

Ahhh….this is bliss. We arrived at the lake around 12:30, after some traffic put us a bit behind schedule. But, that was only after a fantastically intense spin class, where CSB proceeded to flirt, glance, and be super chatty. Swoon 😉

So, where was I (wink)? It’s humid, hot, and sunny here….the lake is super warm, al is good in the world. Gram and Gramp were happy to see us, and are really excited we’re here until Thursday. Blueberry picking definitely in order for the week. Also on tap? A friend of ours (one of the sisters who came with us on the Road Trip) is coming up on Wednesday (she’s at a nearby lake) for the day – will be a fun day ☺

Not a whole heck of a lot to say today, except in describing the feeling I got as we drove down the bumpy “camp road” – pure bliss. I’m happy. The divorce date is set, I’m convinced my house will sell quickly and, I signed on a lease for a townhouse that I’ll move into October 17! I am really excited about it, it’s my real first sign of independence and damn, it feels awesome. Blissful, perhaps. Oh, and I’m rocking some cute pig tails. Why? Because something about this Maine vaca screams “whimsy” and what else says whimsy than pig tails?! Cheers!!

Day 2 – Maine.

Today was near perfection (and the evening still awaits! Wine and movies in the plans, perhaps an after dinner swim) – the sky was cloudless, it’s super warm, and the lake temperature is perfect. And, I must say – water floaties are the best invention ever. Next to individual wine “juice” boxes of course!! We were down by the lake by 9 am, and didn’t really come out (except for a quick lunch) until 2:30, where we then proceeded to play dominoes with Gram and Gramp, with a side of blueberry pie thrown in – yum yum!

What I so love about these Maine trips is how pure and peaceful they are. When you strip away the stress of work, the every day grind, traffic, stress, etc., and add in wonderful family and friends, you get a truly pure feeling of bliss (bliss being my key word for this particular Maine vaca – last month’s trip was serenity 😉 ) and peacefulness. I try to drink in these vacations for what they are, in terms of relaxation and fun, but also in spending a lot of time with my grandparents. I feel so lucky to have them in my life, and in good health to boot, it’s such a blessing. And they are wonderful, and fun, and we always, always have a good time with them. BLISS!!!

Day 3 – Maine.

Silence. Limited conversation. Some might think that would be lonely, or boring, but today, it was just what the doctor ordered! It was another scorcher today, and I spent the day mostly in the lake, with my sister and brother-in-law, in our floaties. It was nice to just lay there, not really talking, just being. Relaxing, quietly, not talking. Sometimes I think you need that, more than you know, to reset and rejuvinate your mind.

So that was day 3, for the most part. Beyond that, we went blueberry picking, got some ice cream, and are planning to kick back for the evening (and tomorrow, swordfish with Gram and Gramp – yum!!)

Day 4 – Maine.
Ahh, this is the life. Another hot, humid and sunny day by the lake. I think we made it a record – got in around 9ish, stayed in until close to 2! I burnt my legs a little bit, but nothing major. Worth it 😉

We had a delicious meal with Gram and Gramp. They made swordfish and a freshly baked blueberry pie! Who couldn’t be happier with that?! It’s just so nice to spend time with them, I can’t even describe. And, just being here is fantastic. I get a lot of time to just think about things, relax and let my mind wander. Way better than working 😉

On another note, I am going on date #2 with match.com boy #1 tomorrow night when I get back from Maine. On the fence on him chemistry-wise, so I figure date #2 should sort that out nicely. And, I have a few other dates pending with boys #3, 4 and 5, for next week or so. I may just be a pretty busy girl, huh?! 😉

Update: supposed to have a date with match.com boy #1, but haven’t heard from him today, so we’ll see if that actually happens…