I’m catching up on all of my blogs on my blogroll (after throughly enjoying the hot summer sun and getting the most out of my pool, while I still have it!) and found a few goodies I thought were worth sharing:

  • Snarkbutt Divorced ruminates about the “public face” of divorce – defined as how to tell those around you that you are divorced (and then, the ensuing awkwardness that follows, the I’m sorrys, the silent pauses etc) – what about a divorce ring?
  • So I was telling a divorced friend of mine about the purpose of my sling and she said she wished there were a t-shirt that did the same thing for divorced people. Something that says, “Just got divorced. Handle with care.” I thought that was a great idea. It would also clear up the whole public face problem: how & when to tell people I’m divorced. So these ideas knocked around in my head for a while and I came up with the perfect solution: a divorce ring!We have wedding rings to tell people we’re married, so why not one that tells people that we’re fragile, cautious, bitter, disillusioned, or just plain fucked up & shit? Of course, we’d have to wear it on our middle finger. <– FANTASTIC IDEA – where can I buy one?! 😉
  • Since My Divorce blogs about changing back to your maiden name post-divorce. This was something initially I was adamantly against – because it would again, raise questions from those around you (“oh, did you get married?” No, um divorced – enter awkward conversation yet again!) and I felt it would look like failure. But now, as I’ve mentioned before in past posts, I am anxious to get back to my maiden name, for a few reasons: since my Nonna’s passing, I’d like to have her name again, it would feel as though I am carrying her with me, my maiden name is ME, and only ME, and I dig that, and, honestly, we were together for almost 10 years, but married only 2 before we separated, so there really isn’t a lengthy attachment to it. Since My Divorce notes:
  • Once I knew I was getting divorced, I also knew without a doubt I wanted to change my name back to my maiden name. There was a part of me that never knew why I had changed my name in the first place although I think it had to do with demonstrating commitment and maintaining traditions. It was something I had assumed I would do. Would I change my name if I got married again? Somehow I don’t think so … but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. <– I don’t know if I would change my name again either…or get married again, for that matter. But, never say never.

I love coming across both funny and serious blogs and articles about divorce and the moving on stage. I can’t get enough of them, I just find others’ opinions and experiences so fascinating. So, if you see any, send em my way!! And, on that note, I’ve got some relaxing to do before another fun evening planned 🙂