Perspective is a pretty big theme on my blog, and a couple months ago, I wrote on a similar topic, but today, I thought it was worth revisiting, for a few different reasons. One, I think having perspective is HUGE, no matter what, in life, but even more so when going through something traumatic or emotionally trying (such as divorce, dating mishaps or breakups, but also things like losing a job or a house, someone close to you passing away etc). I also think it’s “easy” to say “just have perspective” – it’s something you really have to work at finding and maintaining through the tough times, and not only when you’re flying high.

I would say having and maintaining perspective has been huge for me, and I am constantly reminded to have it, and keep it, on a daily basis, and I’m also reminded of it when I see friends and family losing perspective, or just not really having any perspective at all. It’s actually kind of frustrating to watch others go through things that yes, are tough to handle, but being so short-sighted about it and not seeing the big picture, or harping on little things that – again – in the grand scheme of things, aren’t worth stressing over.

And for me, things I know I always have to keep perspective on, besides the obvious (pending divorce in oh, two weeks or so?!), are, the short sale, my job (not hating it!), the dating game (realizing it’s still fun, even if some are non-starters or don’t work out) and, most near-term, the end of my vacation and the wind-down of summer. So, as I sit here, relaxing (in my overly hot house!!) and ruminating on the fantastic vacation I had, and, the equally fantastic summer I am having, I am keeping perspective, holding on to the idea that, in the grand scheme of things, life ain’t so bad. It’s pretty darn good, all things considered. Who’s with me?!