As you know, I am ALWAYS looking for new divorce blogs to follow, read, and “borrow” from on occasion, and one of my recent finds (a real gem!) is Since My Divorce. It’s a fantastic blog and resource for those going through divorce, and I really like the format of it, which includes advice on various situations (most recently, on changing your name after divorce) and interviews divorcees.

Well, not only did the author (Mandy Walker) add me to her blogroll (such an honor when anyone adds me! I love it!), she is going to interview me for her blog. This is so exciting for me as I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with more readers, and mayb even make a few more blog “friends.” I’ll be speaking with Mandy in early September and will be sure to link back to it when it appears πŸ˜‰

It’s funny – I am in PR, and always prepping execs for interviews with reporters, but being interviewed myself – it’s as though the tables are turned. Funny, I want to make sure I’m all prepped and know what I want to say etc…not that I should *really* worry about that, I mean, come on, I live and breathe this daily, but still, a girl’s gotta prepare πŸ˜‰