It can be slower than molasses, or downright speedy. This week? Slower than molasses!

Iwas supposed to go out with boy #6, but (as he forewarned me when we chatted on Monday) he had to work later than he thought tonight, so we’re postponing. I was bummed, but at least did get the forewarning, and am sort of moody (hello, PMS) so wouldn’t have been in the best form anyway, so I guess it is a blessing in disguise! I’m also hoping to book something up with boy #5, who I’m also really digging, but he’s had a later worknight schedule this week, too. So, we’ll see (still going after boy #3 as well, haven’t heard back from him yet this week though).

I was recapping some of my thoughts on the dating world with my mom yesterday and she commented how cool it is that I get to experience dating as an adult. I didn’t quite get what she meant right away, but she has a point – when you are in your teen/college years, there is SO much to learn about the opposite sex, what you are looking for, what qualities are “must haves” etc., and the whole dating “thing” is just completely different too (more immaturity, more hookups etc – though that can happen anytime I suppose!). So, now I have my eyes wide open, I’ve had enough relationships under my belt (and um, a marriage!) that I’m more self-aware, confident, and driven to find someone that meets my needs and interests. So, she’s right…I think dating as an adult is invaluable, and hopefully, more fun and, at the end of the day, more successful!

Funny quote a fellow blogger friend of mine (she’s on my blogroll – Chemopalooza!) said to me: “dating strangers is like picking something up off the ground and eating it.” Now, if you know her – this quote is even funnier (and she’s had quite a few pretty “interesting” dates herself, some of which she has blogged on, if you check her out), and in general, it’s a riot, isn’t it? I just had to throw that in there!!


On a final note – my blog hit 7,000 visits today!! Very excited – I just passed 6,000 visits not too long ago, so more and more people are reading, which is awesome. Thanks for reading everyone!