As I write this, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of emotion – of relief, happiness and hope that everything truly will be okay – because I got the official letter from the mortgage company that they have APPROVED the short sale payoff that my real estate agent submitted on our behalf. The biggest hurdle is out of the way, and to top it off, my real estate agent has also told us he has a buyer, so basically, the house is thisclose to being sold, and I can move out, move on, and charge forward with my life, wherever it takes me.

So, with that said, my quote today comes from my Nonna, one of the wisest, sweetest, most loving women I have ever know. I’m convinced I’ll never know someone like her, ever.

In Italian:

“era escrito cosi il libro del destino”

In English:

“look in the sky.  whatever is written in the book of destiny, you can’t change.”

How beautiful is that? So simple, yet exactly what I am feeling right now. While it is extremely frustrating and maddening that I am forced to sell a home that, when we bought it in 2005, appeared to be a good investment, but almost four years later, has bottomed out in value to just about HALF of what we paid, on the flip side, I am accepting it as what is “meant” to be and tackling it, so I CAN move on and forward away from what my life was, towards what my life IS now. And that feels incredible. I can’t even put it into words. This is my destiny, I am following my path to a “T”  the way I want it, and that feels amazing.

Happy Friday all, and kiss and hug your family, because life is too short. I still miss my Nonna every single day, and you can never get back those special moments.