I LOVE to work out…I know, I know, that sounds crazy. I always have liked working out, but since “the situation” began, I sort of threw myself into working out more and more. Partially because, sure, the benefit of working out (better body, not going to complain about those kinds of benefits!), but also because it felt soothing to my soul. And let me explain that…because it sounds more “airy fairy” that I mean it to, in all seriousness.

Whenever I was/am feeling down, or stressed, or upset, working out has a way of relieving that. Whether it’s running it off, spinning it out, or sweating it out DVD style (weights, step, kickbox, the list goes on) to my absolute hands-down fitness idol Cathe Friedrich, I always feel more focused, centered, and in some cases, relieved (depending on my mood and particular workout drive). Now, I basically work out every day, and it’s just part of my day, part of my routine, and helps keep me balanced in every way. I just LOVE it.

Tonight was an example of that…my week back to work post-most-awesome-vaca-ever (top 10-er!) has been pretty dry and uninspiring, and I firmly believe working out keeps my mind and body challenged, when other areas of my life may not be challenging me the way I want it. I went to spinning tonight with CSB (aka holy grail of hotness…and hot, and flirty, and fun, he was!) and this huge wave of adrenalin and inspiration and happiness washed over me. It was the best feeling and I just felt happy, and powerful and strong. It’s a good euphoric feeling, and I never want to let that go – in all aspects of my life, beyond working out. If I could bottle it up, I would!!

…and if you are thinking I am crazy for a) loving to work out and b) BLOGGING about loving to work out, then you just learned something else about me…I’m a fitness freak of nature, what can I say? I’m not perfect, I have to work at it constantly (in part because I refuse to NOT enjoy food and a little wine here and there – life’s too short to limit yourself!!), but it makes me, me, and I wouldn’t change anything about me (except maybe, just maybe, adding two inches to my frame – hehe!).

Happy almost-Friday!!