Wow. A month from today I will be on the cusp of moving out of my house and into my new townhouse I am renting. Not only that, but I have quite a few milestones coming in the next month or so, it’s sort of all just hitting me now. Let’s list them out, shall we?

  • 9/11/09: D-Day: Wow, I’ll be divorced in two weeks. Sad, excited for the future, all wrapped in one (and, my first EVER trip to the Cape with friends just so happens to be that day. I’m blessed with such good friends and family!)
  • 10/1/09: Moving Day! It’s hard to believe I’ll be moving out of a house I’ve lived in for just shy of five years. I can barely remember much before that – went from living at home with my mom, to owning a home with my then-boyfriend.
  • 10/2/09 (TBC): House closing. I don’t want to jinx it, but if all goes according to plan, we’ll have sold the house by this date, or soon thereafter. A relief and a blessing, to say the least.
  • 10/6/09: drum roll please – I turn 30!!! Of all the milestones, this one freaks me out just a smidge – I mean, 30, really?? In all seriousness, the timing couldn’t be better. I’m starting my life anew as I turn 30, couldn’t have timed it better if I tried (guess I’ll have to change my blog sub-head to “thirty something…” – I don’t like the sound of that yet! ha!)
  • 10/8/09: WINE COUNTRY!!! What a way to cap off the next two months than with a birthday gift to myself to Sonoma and Napa – the quintessential wine country. A trip I will surely never forget.

So, there you have it. A laundry list of milestones all scrunched together in 6 weeks or so. I’m going to take it one step at a time, breathe it all in, and cherish all the changes and new beginnings that are sure to come.


On a side note – check out this list of the 63 best divorce blogs. I found some goodies (and added to my blogroll) and notice a few of those I already follow (congrats!!) –  Quest for T, Single Mom Seeking – on the list. Guess there are quite a few more divorce blogs out there than I thought. Way, way, cool.