Yes, I know, another dating-related post. Can you tell this thing is on my mind a lot? Mostly it’s on my mind because I am having a great time with it, and meeting new people feels so novel to me for some reason. I was reviewing some more matches today and was looking through profiles and seeing what people were interested in, in a relationship and it occurred to me, that in a way, I am not really sure WHAT I want. I mean, I know, basically, what I want, but it’s not like I have extremely set parameters either. And, that could be good, or it could lead me on a few wild goose chases, but isn’t that part of what this is all about?

So, I reviewed my profile and decided to update it a bit. And was at a loss for words. I didn’t want to update it with anything too trite or typical so it would get glossed over, but in all honesty, I didn’t know what to write! I eventually found my words and refocused my profile a bit and found some common themes in what I want – respect (I had it, with Pete, but I don’t think equality was there 100% of the time), drive (Pete used to be more driven, but never finished his degree, and I was always afraid if he got laid off, we’d be in financial trouble. Not to say having a degree is a make or break for me, because it’s not, but I find something really attractive in someone that has a strong career, a degree of some kind, and is a thinker. I like thinkers), happiness (never good to have a cynical guy IMHO!), being active (as you know, I LOVE to work out and I don’t think I could deal with a guy that was a bump on a log. And, if they push me towards new activities and sports, heck, even better!) and having a good relationship with their family (I just think this is always very important).

So, I guess I DO know what I want, generally. So, it was a good exercise in sitting back on this rainy Saturday and really thinking about it. And, if you’re wondering why I’m updating my profile, yes, there are a few guys in the hopper at the moment, but I don’t have set dates with them yet, so I’m not putting all my eggs into #4, 5, or 6, baskets…nor do I think I should 😉

Back to my lazy Saturday…kind of nice to have a dreary day to catch up on things, relax, take a nap, and gear up for a fun girls night ahead.